Three Reasons Why Veterans End Up in Jail or Prison
Date:  06-01-2019

Eight percent of veterans are justice involved
From Futurity:

Military veterans currently account for 8 percent of the national prison and jail population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. It is unclear, however, how many veterans are under community supervision or involved community-intervention programs, and little data exist that illustrates how veterans enter the criminal justice system.

Information from this research could help policymakers reduce arrests and prevent incarcerations.

“We need a better understanding of what factors might be contributing to veterans’ incarcerations,” says Kelli Canada, an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Missouri. “In order to improve prevention efforts, it is important to examine why veterans are entering the system and being jailed, and we did that by exploring participant perspectives on what led to them getting in trouble,” she says. Continue reading >>>