Securus Won't Oppose Bill to Provide Free Calls for People in Prison and Their Families in Connecticut
Date:  06-01-2019

Bill to provide free calls faces hurdles concerning how the state would make up lost income generated from phone calls
From CT News Junkie:

Securus Technologies, the Texas-based corporation which runs the state’s inmate phone system, announced Wednesday the company will no longer oppose a bill that would give inmates and their families free phone calls from prison.

In a letter addressed to state Rep. Josh Elliott, D-Hamden, Securus Chief Executive Officer Robert Pickens said his company was withdrawing opposition to HB 6714 as his company and the state review options for cheaper calls.

“We previously opposed HB 6714 out of concern that it did not clearly indicate who would cover the cost of services once charges to consumers were waived,” Pickens said. “But in the interest of good faith discussions with state officials regarding these issues, we are formally withdrawing opposition to the legislation.” Continue reading >>>