How Private Prison Services Control a 'Captive' Market
Date:  05-15-2019

Low income people in prison and defendants are burdened with another level of punishment when authorities require them to pay for services they can ill afford
From The Crime Report:

As justice systems across the U.S. cope with strained budgets, private companies have stepped in to offer services ranging from prisoner communications and banking to supervising probation, with the argument that they can save taxpayers money and do a more efficient job.

But it may not be the bargain it’s advertised to be, according to a new study in Criminology & Public Policy, a publication of the American Society of Criminology.

Parallel to the rise in private prisons, a small number of corporations have “cornered the market” on select prison and court services—earning immense profits from practices that may actually harm the individuals they are meant to serve, writes Alexes Harris, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington. Continue reading >>>