Wisconsin Culinary Academy Gives People in Jail Skills to Pursue Employment in the Culinary Field
Date:  05-13-2019

Goal of program is for graduates of program to find jobs as line cooks, prep cooks, and kitchen managers and chefs upon release
From the Sawyer County Record:

The Culinary Academy is a program coordinated by the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board (NWWIB) in partnership with the Sawyer County Jail, Hayward Senior Resource Center and the Sawyer County Criminal Justice Programs.

Currently there is a shortage of culinary workers in the state and it is the hope that graduates of this program will find work as line cooks, prep cooks, kitchen managers and chefs at a variety of restaurants and businesses in the area.

While cooking in the kitchen at the Senior Resource Center several nights and weekends it proved to be a program where everyone enjoyed themselves while learning.

“Participants are not treated here like they might be inside the four walls of the jail,” said Char Jaeger, nutrition director at the Center. “We are honored to have them here and we enjoy their willingness to learn and share their lives; what they like to cook for their families and what they like to do.” Continue reading >>>