Author Susan Burton and Formerly Incarcerated Women to Discuss the Over Incarceration of Women
Date:  05-11-2019

May 14 event will also offer opportunity to support bill that ensures access to health care in jails and prisons in NY
5/6 /2019

For Immediate Release

Contact: Samuel Meyer; Communications and Policy, Circles of Support; 651-356-4753

Circles of Support, St. Philip’s Church to Host #KnowJusticeHarlem :“Families Behind Bars” Featuring Author Susan Burton

On Tuesday, May 14, Circles of Support will host “Families Behind Bars,” a discussion about the rising number of women and mothers in our criminal justice system. The event will feature Susan Burton, activist and author of Becoming Ms. Burton, as well as a panel of mothers sharing stories about the journey from incarceration back to communities around the country. The event will take place from 6 to 7:30pm at St. Philip’s Church (204 West 134th St in Harlem, NYC).

The number of women behind bars across the country has grown exponentially since the 1970s. The vast majority of these women are incarcerated for nonviolent offences, and most women behind bars are mothers.

In addition to our discussion and panel, the event will feature the opportunity to send letters of support for New York Senate Bill S3126/Assembly Bill A118, which ensures access to essential health care services and education, including pregnancy care, to women in prisons and jails across the state.

“We’re honored to have Susan and this group of women with us to share their stories,” said Chris Flowers, CEO of J.C. Flowers & Co. and founder of the J.C. Flowers Foundation, which works with Circles of Support. “The experience of women during and after their time in our justice system impacts whole families and entire communities. These stories are crucial to our discussion of how to build a fairer, stronger, and more respectful justice system.”

The event is free and open to the public. More information about the work of Circles of Support can be found here.