People Released From Prison Are Ten Times More Likely to Become Homeless Than the General Population
Date:  04-29-2019

In an effort to reduce recidivism, some states are creating novel ways to connect formerly incarcerated people to housing
From The Christian Science Monitor:

For those who’ve been locked up in prison for years, finding a home on the outside can be rough. Parole restrictions may limit where former inmates can live. Public housing and housing vouchers may be off-limits, and many landlords are reluctant to rent to former offenders.

The result, criminal justice experts say, is a housing crisis among the formerly incarcerated, particularly among those recently released from prison. The lack of affordable housing in many cities, and the resulting spike in overall homelessness, are exacerbating the problem.

Former prison inmates are almost 10 times more likely to become homeless than the general population, according to an August report by the Prison Policy Initiative, a nonprofit based in Northampton, Massachusetts. Continue reading >>>