Indiana Seeks to Help Incarcerated Parents Keep Custody of Their Children
Date:  04-26-2019

Termination of the parental rights of incarcerated parents is the family separation crisis that receives little attention
From the Marshall Project:

The state of Indiana is on the verge of enacting a law that will make sure parents in prison don’t have their parental rights terminated because of their imprisonment alone, an issue The Marshall Project first reported on in December.

At least 32,000 mothers and fathers nationally—none of them accused of child abuse—have permanently lost their children while locked up, often for minor crimes, according to a Marshall Project analysis that was cited in committee hearings for the Indiana legislation.

Two formerly incarcerated women, as part of a fellowship to work at the state assembly, helped write the bill and have been meeting with lawmakers for weeks to lobby for its passage. It was passed by both houses of the legislature and is expected to be signed by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb in the coming days. Continue reading >>>