Why Are People in California Jails Begging to Go to Prison?
Date:  04-25-2019

The effort to downsize prisons by sending people to jails backfired, causing serious consequences
From The Marshall Project:

Ever since he stole his first car at age 10, Cody Garland has spent much of his life behind bars. Now 35, he has served time at eight different California prisons.

But the hardest stint, he says, was not in a state penitentiary. It was in a Sacramento County jail, where in 2016 he was sentenced to serve eight years for theft.

Medical care at the jail was even worse than in prison; untreated glaucoma left him blind.

Solitary confinement—in a windowless room—was a common punishment; Garland says he lost track of whether it was day or night during a spell in solitary and began to hear voices.

Mental-health help was hard to get, even after he started swallowing shards of metal and tried to hang himself.

“I’ve done a lot of prison time,” he says, “and this was the worst time I’d ever done.” Continue Reading >>>