Should 2,000 Leaked Photos Showing Cruelty in an Alabama Prison Be Published?
Date:  04-23-2019

Controversy surrounds the people’s right to know what happens in prisons versus "privacy, and audience sensibilities"
From Mother Jones:

A shirtless man is laying on a hospital cot as two gloved nurses tend to him. He’s covered in blood from multiple stab wounds to his chest, and it coats his clothes, the cot’s sheet, and the floor. This is just one of more than 2,000 photos, many of them similarly gruesome, leaked earlier this year from inside the St. Clair Correctional Facility, a notorious prison in Alabama.

The photos are certainly newsworthy: Alabama has one of the highest rates of prison deaths in the country, and St. Clair in particular has long been known for its brutality. But when the Southern Poverty Law Center, which obtained the photos from someone claiming to be a St. Clair correctional officer, shared the images with two news outlets, the responses couldn’t have been more different. Continue reading >>>