Criminal Justice Reform is No Longer Just for People on the Left
Date:  04-22-2019

States with bi-partisan support for criminal punishment reform credited with "good governance"
From The Hill:

Public attitudes toward the U.S. criminal justice system are shifting, and reform no longer is solely a concern of left-leaning voices. In fact, diverse bipartisan coalitions in a number of states have prompted state lawmakers to make substantial changes to their criminal justice policies. And as the successes of these states become more apparent, it throws other states’ problem-riddled systems into sharp relief.

Specifically, there is a growing divide between the places that have committed to reform their justice systems and those that haven’t. As more state and local governments embrace their obligation to carry out this key function fairly and effectively, those leading the way are enjoying a well-deserved reputation for good governance.

The clear leader in this movement is Texas, whose story has been told widely. Faced with a prison population projected to grow by 17,000 people in the following five years, but unwilling to spend billions of dollars on new prisons, Texan lawmakers launched a two-pronged reform effort in 2005. They worked to keep offenders who didn’t need to be imprisoned from landing there, using mental health and drug-addiction treatment programs, rehabilitative programs and alternative sanctions for probation and parole violators. Texas closed eight prisons, saving money and improving public safety. Continue reading >>>