"Feeling Cute" Messages by Corrections Officers Spark Outrage
Date:  04-20-2019

More firing of corrections officers expected after posts about harming people in prison go viral
From People:

Corrections officers across the country are under fire for taking “Feeling Cute” social media posts too far, threatening to harm inmates in posts they say were simply meant to “make light of a highly stressful job.”

“Feeling cute, might just gas some inmates today, IDK,” one person captioned a selfie of a woman apparently wearing a Texas Department of Criminal Justice uniform, the Houston Chronicle reported. Another person allegedly wrote: “Feeling cute, might shoot your baby daddy today .?.?. idk.”

Social media posts from corrections officers in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Georgia have made their way across the Internet, sparking outrage among many who have said they do not find the captions funny. Continue reading >>>