New Bill Would Keep Incarcerated Pregnant Women From Being Put in Medical Isolation
Date:  03-27-2019

Pregnant women in Maryland prison now isolated and locked up nearly 24 hours a day
From Truthout:

Angela was eight months pregnant when she entered the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Maryland.

One day after her arrival, she was brought to the prison’s medical infirmary and placed in a cell, where she was locked behind a steel door nearly 24 hours each day—which prison officials call “restrictive housing,” and prisoner rights’ advocates call “solitary confinement.”

Regardless of the terminology, Angela was miserable. “There was no rec time to go outside. They barely let you out to use the phone,” she told Rewire.News. At times, she had to decide between waiting to use one of the unit’s two phones to call her three children or taking a shower during the 30 minutes she was allowed out of her cell. Continue reading >>>