This Women's History Month, Let's Leave Girls’ Incarceration in the Past
Date:  03-24-2019

Girls are overlooked in efforts to divert young people with low-level offenses
From Vera Institute of Justice

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women and girls across the globe, while at the same time calling for renewed commitment to gender equality. This Women’s History Month, Vera is inviting the country to join us in taking a historic step for girls by leaving girls’ incarceration in the past for good. Over the past decade, reform efforts to divert young people charged with low-level offenses have dramatically driven down the country’s juvenile justice population. But, girls have been overlooked in these efforts. The number of girls who are incarcerated has decreased more slowly than the number of boys, and girls now comprise more of the juvenile justice population than ever before. The majority of girls continue to be detained for the same low level offenses that have been the focus of reform—namely status offenses, technical violations, simple assault, and public order offenses excluding weapons. Continue reading >>>