Formerly Incarcerated Person Cashing in on College Admissions Scandal
Date:  03-23-2019

Who knows better how to navigate and survive prison than someone who has been there?
From The Washington Post:

Justin Paperny, wearing his luckiest pair of golfing slacks, was about to tee off at Calabasas Country Club in Calabasas, Calif., on the morning of March 12 when his phone began buzzing.

On the other line was a familiar voice, a well-known lawyer whose client had recently been charged by the Justice Department over an alleged role in a sprawling admissions scandal involving dozens of parents and name-brand schools, including Yale, Georgetown and the University of Southern California.

The lawyer wanted to know whether Paperny — a federal prison consultant and felon who prepares people for life behind bars — was available to discuss the case. The answer was yes. But like most of his work, Paperny explained, a hefty price tag would be attached. Continue reading >>>