Critical Voices on Criminal Justice: Essays from Directly Affected Authors
Date:  02-27-2019

Five formerly incarcerated people who made changes in criminal justice policy speak of their own experiences
From Yale Law Journal:

People who have experienced incarceration have unique insights into the criminal system—insights that are often missing from legal scholarship and criminal justice policy. This Collection begins to bridge that gap.

Forums include:

What Break Do Children Deserve? Juveniles, Crime, and Justice Kennedy’s Influence on the Supreme Court’s Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence by Reginald Dwayne Betts

Transcending the Stigma of a Criminal Record: A Proposal to Reform State Bar Character and Fitness Evaluations by Tarra Simmons

Ending the Incarceration of Women and Girls by Andrea James

The Effort to Reform the Federal Criminal Justice System by Shon Hopwood

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