Crack Down on Smuggling is Causing Hardships on Families and People in Prison
Date:  02-15-2019

Letters are the primary means of communication for 92 percent of people in prison in contact with their family
From Governing:

People are getting more creative about smuggling drugs into jails and prisons.

What might appear to be a normal letter to an inmate could be saturated with liquid K2, a synthetic marijuana. An average-looking greeting card may be concealing drugs between its layers. In August, Pennsylvania state prisons went on a nearly two-week lockdown after the Department of Corrections claimed about 60 staffers were sickened by synthetic cannabinoids. That same month, nearly 30 employees at an Ohio state facility reportedly received treatment for fentanyl exposure, which some say can yield negative effects if accidentally touched or inhaled.

Citing similar safety concerns, state and local corrections facilities around the country are restricting prisoners' interaction with the outside world. Continue reading >>>