New Best Reentry Practices Guide for Supporting Tribal Members with Records through Collaboration and Partnership
Date:  02-06-2019

Root & Rebound and the Yurok Tribe create first of its kind best practices guide
From Root & Rebound:

Root & Rebound and the Yurok Tribal Court are thrilled to be releasing a first-of-its-kind best practices guide on increasing access to justice and reentry legal services in tribal communities across the country.

The new publication, Tribal Reentry Advocacy Guide: A Roadmap for Increasing Access to Justice & Opportunity for Tribal Members with Criminal Records Through Collaboration & Partnership, compiles two years of learnings and best practices gained through our tribal justice collaborative, offering free legal clinics and trainings for people with records and those who support them, as well as practical steps for replicating similar partnerships nationwide.

Abby Abinanti, Chief Justice of the Yurok Tribal Court, says of the newly released guide and the partnership, “At its core, this report reflects the need to collaborate—both for tribal communities and for legal aid practitioners. We hope that by sharing out what we have learned together, we can serve as a model of holistic, mobile, and responsive tribal justice work that tribes and legal aid organizations across the country can follow.”


The best practices guide is a great resource for legal aid organizations, tribal governments and groups, civil rights organizations, philanthropists, and other stakeholders who would like to begin or expand their work supporting systems-impacted people in tribal communities.

Find the guide here.