Federal Defenders of New York Files Lawsuit to Grant Attorney Visits to Those Incarcerated at MDC Brooklyn
Date:  02-05-2019

During power outage people locked up at MDC Brooklyn were without heat, electricity, phone calls and visits from families and attorneys for a week
From The New York Post:

A Brooklyn federal judge on Monday ordered that lawyers be allowed back in to visit their clients at the Metropolitan Detention Center — after inmates spent a week unable to have even legal visitation amid a power outage.

Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall granted the temporary restraining order as part of a lawsuit filed by the nonprofit Federal Defenders of New York that alleges a “humanitarian crisis” at the federal complex in Sunset Park.

Male inmates in the jail’s West Building had been forced to endure ice-cold and pitch-black jail cells ever since a fire on Jan. 27 knocked out power and heating in the building, the suit says. Continue Reading >>>