Prison Consulting Firm Taken Down By Feds
Date:  01-31-2019

Firm promised a sentence reduction of 18 months for those who hired them
From Forbes:

The prison consulting business has been plagued by gimmicks and false promises. Now a federal indictment in Connecticut could blow the lid off of a number of scammers that have taken advantage of defendants and their families.

US Attorneys in Connecticut have indicted three people who worked at RDAP Law Consultants LLC (RDAP Law) a firm that promised, guaranteed, that its clients would earn up to 18 months off of prison for hiring them. Tony Tuan Pham, Samuel Copenhaver and Constance Moerland were indicted on charges that they coached people to fake drug and alcohol habits to gain entry into the Bureau of Prisons' 500-hour program, Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). Getting into the program can get inmates up to one year off of their prison term and it is the only program in the BOP that offers a reduced time in prison. The BOP considers it one of their premier successes:

"The Bureau and National Institute on Drug Abuse combined funding and expertise to conduct a rigorous analysis of the Bureau’s RDAP. Research findings demonstrated that RDAP participants are significantly less likely to recidivate and less likely to relapse to drug use than non-participants. The studies also suggest that the Bureau’s RDAPs make a significant difference in the lives of offenders following their release from custody and return to the community." Continue reading >>>