Florida Locales Vote to Stop Using Prison Labor—and Others May Follow
Date:  01-30-2019

Gainesville mayor a"serts that terminating contracts that use "slave labor" is a "moral imperative”
From The Appeal:

While serving time in prison in Central Florida, Mark (not his real name) worked as a recreation orderly, checking out sports and music equipment to other prisoners. He used his connections on the outside to bring in instruments for them.

“I’m a musician. That was part of my livelihood before I went in,” Mark told The Appeal. “I had a bunch of stuff donated from bands I know on the street.”

But, like all state prisoners in Florida, he was never paid for his work in prison.

“Everyone has a job and you get zero cents per hour,” said Mark, who was released in 2016 after serving roughly three years for a sexual battery charge he denies. “You get nothing. And when you get out, you have all these bills.” Continue Reading >>>