The Home Coming Project: Innovative Program Offers Housing to People Released from Prison
Date:  01-20-2019

Homeowners and renters are matched with newly released individuals in a novel experiment with benefits for all
From NPR:

It's a Friday night and roommates Jason Jones and Tamiko Panzella are hanging out in the Oakland, Calif., apartment they share, laughing about an epic gym workout misfire.

"I get there and we have to take our shoes and socks off. And I'm like, oh no, she got me into yoga. She tricked me," Jones says, laughing. What made the yoga session more jarring — it was Jones' first full day of freedom after more than a decade behind bars.

"Yeah they tell me to get into Downward Dog," Jones says as Panzella chuckles. "That's the one position you don't want to be in in prison. The second day out! And I look over there and she's dying laughing." On one level, it's all normal, life-with-roommates kind of stuff. But it's new for Jones, 35.

He recently was released on parole, serving nearly 14 years in a series of California prisons for felony assault with a deadly weapon Continue reading >>>>