Formerly Incarcerated Man Writes Poem about the First Few Minutes of Being Released
Date:  01-18-2019

Poem focuses on the hope and the determination to never go back to prison that reintegrating individuals feel while walking out the gate
This poem was sent to us by Barry Diamond, Administrator of Reentry Survivors. The poem is published here with permission from the author.


By Basel

I leave the cell

Slow and easy

Step by step

My past remains

Here I go again

Out to freedom

Another chance

To do it right

This time I say

No more drugs

This time I know

Last time back

Get a job

Apartment too

See my kids

Freedom again

Sun is shining

Walk now brisk

Smile is coming

Almost there

Ice cream truck* here

Cuffs go on

Shuffle my feet Up and on

Take me home

Ice cream man

To my family

And life again

*Van used by corrections staff to transport people