Congressional Report Finds Senior BOP Officials Continually Covered Up or Ignored Misconduct
Date:  01-04-2019

New congressional review provides "blistering" account of how wardens and senor officials operate outside of BOP’s rules
From USA Today:

WASHINGTON – Serious misconduct by senior federal prison officials is “largely tolerated or ignored altogether” as the agency fostered a culture in which some were shielded from discipline or even commended for their service by colleagues, according to a new congressional review.

“For high-ranking officers, bad behavior is ignored or covered up on a regular basis, and certain officials who should be investigated can avoid discipline,” House investigators concluded in a nine-page report for the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The review is the latest rebuke of the Federal Bureau of Prisons where severe staffing shortages, persistent sexual harassment claims and inmate violence have shadowed operations for years. Continue reading >>>