Has New Jersey's Elimination of Most Cash Bail Transformed the State into a "Model of Justice Reform for the Entire Nation"?
Date:  01-01-2019

Since bail reform was implemented, violent crime dropped 30% and pretrial detention decreased 40% in the state
From New Jersey Star-Ledger:

The new bail system that kicked in 23 months ago, lest anyone forget, had its critics. In particular, the powerful bail bond industry spent years spewing forecasts of civic mayhem, arousing fear that revolving doors in our jails would trigger a crime spike that will surely turn New Jersey into a giant Detroit.

The pathological attempt to inflame half-wits hardly matters now. We can affirm that because we have pooled the wisdom of advocates, voters, a Republican governor and Democratic lawmakers, and transformed our state into a model of justice reform for the entire nation.

All you have to do is consult the numbers, which you may have heard on WNYC last week: Since cash bail was almost entirely eliminated in January 2017, New Jersey's crime rates have plummeted across the board. Continue reading >>>