Safe Consumption Sites Not Jail
Date:  11-06-2018

Former and current prosecutors advocate for SCS, also known as Safe Injection Sites, as a means to help reduce arrests and incarceration for people who use drugs
From USA Today:

Today, 200 Americans likely will die from a drug overdose. Most of them will die alone.

The government's modern-day response to our nation's overdose epidemic has been woefully inadequate. Rather than relying on medical science, our leaders have been influenced by the same misguided approaches that undergirded the “war on drugs” in the 1980s — fear, stigma and racism.

We need a smarter strategy that reduces harm and saves lives. This starts with prosecutors ending the criminal crackdown on drug users — pushing for treatment instead of pressing charges; encouraging law enforcement to change street approaches; and, most of all, calling for the development of overdose prevention sites where people can consume substances under supervision, get clean needles, and get access to treatment and counseling. Continue reading >>>