California's Top Prison Psychiatrist Claims State Officials Are Providing Misleading Data to a Federal Court and Lawyers
Date:  10-16-2018

Dr. Michael Goling’s report affects 30,000 people in prison who have a pending case involving medical and mental health care
From The Sacramento Bee:

The chief psychiatrist for California’s prison system is accusing state officials of providing inaccurate and misleading data to a federal court and to lawyers for prison inmates fighting to improve psychiatric care inside state prisons, according to court documents.

Dr. Michael Golding compiled a “lengthy, detailed report” that inmate attorneys say contains “serious allegations” that data reported to the court overseeing a long-running case involving medical and mental health care inside California prisons “is inaccurate and has been presented in a materially misleading way,” court documents say.

“Dr. Golding’s claims are very serious and, if true, have far reaching implications affecting almost every aspect of this case,” lawyers for the inmates said in documents filed in U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller’s court in Sacramento. Continue reading >>>