Virginia Department of Corrections Headquarters Houses "Fresh Start" Bakery That Teaches Women in Prison Job Skills
Date:  10-07-2018

At neighboring café and restaurant women taught skills from serving food to managing a restaurant
From NBC 12:

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - New businesses seem to pop up every week in Richmond, but one new bakery is offering a "fresh start" to both the morning for its customers and life for its employees.

Fresh Start Bakery is on the city's south side and like most bakeries sells colorful and creative desserts like cakes, cookies and pies.

But the workers, dressed in blue, aren't matching just because they work in the kitchen. They are also serving jail time.

The bakery is inside the Virginia Department of Corrections headquarters in Richmond and brings offenders together five days a week as part of a re-entry program centered on culinary arts. "You can't be in an environment where people aren't willing to help you grow, so this is definitely a growing environment," baker Briijya Brockington said. Continue reading >>>