Let Down and Locked Up: Why Oklahoma's Female Incarceration Is So High
Date:  10-04-2018

Critics claim a penchant for building prisons instead of investing in education and a warped idea of "proper womanhood" are just two reasons Oklahoma is the capital for female incarceration in the world
From Reveal:

Robyn Allen saw her daughter for the first time in two years from across the yard of Oklahoma’s largest women’s prison, the Mabel Bassett Correctional Center. Because the two were serving time for the same 2013 methamphetamine case, they weren’t supposed to communicate. But as Allen’s daughter, Cherise Greer, was being loaded into a van on her way to another prison this summer, the guard turned away.

Greer, in an orange prison uniform, called out: “I love you.”

“She told me she loved me and said, ‘Mom, please don’t cry,’ ” said Allen, 52, wiping away tears as she recalled the moment. Continue reading >>>