Virginia Suspends Ban on Tampon Use by Visitors to State Prisons
Date:  09-27-2018

Ban was originally put in place over fears tampons could hide Contraband
(Read the original NPR article on the banning of tampons by women visiting Virginia prisons here.)

From The Washington Post:

Update: Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran announced Tuesday that he is suspending the ban on tampon use by visitors to the state’s prisons. The ban was revealed Monday, and provoked some critical response from civil rights advocates who said it harmed both prisoners and their visitors.

On Twitter, Moran wrote that while he understood the state Department of Corrections' “precautionary steps to detect the rising threat of contraband, overdoses and even deaths among our offender population,” he noted that “a number of concerns have been raised about the new procedure.” He said it was appropriate to “immediately suspend the newly developed policy until a more thorough review of its implementation and potential consequences are considered.” Continue reading >>>