The Movement to Abolish Death by Incarceration
Date:  09-24-2018

Abolitionist Law Center report reveals Pennsylvania is the national and international leader in DBI sentencing, with Philadelphia being the DBI center of the world
From the Abolitionist Law Center report A Way Out: Abolishing Death by Incarceration in Pennsylvania:


Death-by-incarceration sentences are perhaps the most distinctive and emblematic feature of the United States’ system of mass incarceration, with Pennsylvania staking a claim as a national leader in the practice of condemning people to die in prison and exhibiting its most pernicious features. Philadelphia is the DBI capital of the world. Pennsylvania itself is an international and national leader in DBI sentencing. The racial disparities in DBI sentencing in the state are stark evidence of systemic discrimination. DBI sentences are overwhelmingly imposed on teenagers and young adults, but increasingly are being served by aging and elderly prisoners still being punished for acts committed decades ago. The legal framework is unforgiving, allowing for no mitigation, no lesser sentence, and no hope of release short of commutation, which has become increasingly rare just as it has become increasingly necessary to address the extraordinary number of rehabilitated people serving a DBI sentence. The inadequate policy justifications for this state of affairs renders this a punishment lacking in legitimacy, one that we need to bring to an end. Continue reading >>>