Mandatory Evacuation As "Monster" Hurricane Approaches Doesn't Include People in Jails and Prisons
Date:  09-12-2018

Corrections officers and people in prison seem to be expendable in parts of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia
From Mother Jones:

More than
1 million residents have been ordered to evacuate regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia in the face of Hurricane Florence, the Category 4 storm expected to blast coastal counties with potentially deadly wind and floods after it makes landfall Friday. But as scores of residents prepare to head for safer ground, some prison officials and sheriffs are planning to leave thousands of people in the mandatory evacuation zones behind: the prisoners, guards, and staff at a South Carolina state prison and three city jails in Virginia.

South Carolina’s MacDougall Correction Institution was built more than 50 years ago and now holds around 650 men in medium-security lockup. The state prison is located in Berkeley County, one of five counties under a mandatory evacuation order from Gov. Henry McMaster that went into effect Tuesday. “We’re not going to gamble with the lives of the people of South Carolina,” McMaster said at a news briefing. “Not a one.”

But according to current plans, prisoners will remain at the facility, along with corrections officers who have scheduled shifts, according to South Carolina Department of Corrections spokesman Dexter Lee, who says the agency will continue to monitor the hurricane to determine if evacuating MacDougall is necessary. Inmates at MacDougall were not evacuated during Hurricane Hugo, a Category 4 storm that hit South Carolina in 1989, and the prison “didn’t have any structural damages,” Lee explains. “Previously, it’s been safer to stay in place with the inmates rather than move to another location,” he told Vice News. Continue reading >>>