Lawsuit Claims Man Held in Solitary Confinement for 12 Years Because He Cannot Speak or Read English
Date:  09-11-2018

Corrections officials contest allegation but lawyers assert client is not able to complete "step-down" program to get out of solitary confinement
From The Washington Post:

An inmate in a Virginia maximum-security prison says he has been trapped in solitary confinement for a dozen years because he does not speak or read English, an allegation corrections officials called “simply false.”

Attorneys for Nicolas Reyes, a convicted murderer held at Red Onion prison, claim a language barrier has prevented him from participating in a “step down” program designed to allow prisoners to work their way out of solitary confinement. State officials and the Justice Department have touted the therapeutic program, which involves journal writing, as a model for other states.

Reyes, an El Salvador native serving a 47-year prison sentence, cannot fill out the journals the program relies on because he does not understand English or read in any language, his attorneys say in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Alexandria federal court. The suit is filed against the Virginia Department of Corrections and some corrections officials. Continue reading >>>