Determined to Hold a City Council Position in Texas, Lewis Conway Jr is Cleared to Do So Despite Felony Conviction
Date:  08-22-2018

Vague law without a precedent once thwarted Conway from running for political office
From The Texas Tribune:

At first glance, it may seem typical that Lewis Conway Jr. got his name on the ballot for a seat on the Austin City Council — he paid the filing fee and turned in his application before the deadline. But Conway's success Tuesday is unique for one big reason: He's a convicted felon.

According to Texas' election code, a person is only eligible to run for office if he or she has not been "finally convicted" of a felony "from which the person has not been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilities." Conway was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1993, and his candidacy is testing that state law.

It's the "resulting disabilities" portion of the code that's caused people to scratch their heads — there's no legal precedent defining the term. But after a brief challenge on Friday by the city clerk, Conway has been cleared to continue his campaign. Continue reading >>>