How Does Unaffordable Money Bail Affect Families?
Date:  08-21-2018

Prison Policy Initiative reveals over half of people held in pre-trial detention are parents of minor children
From Prison Policy Initiative:

Every day, 465,000 people are held in local jails even though they have not been convicted; legally, they are presumed innocent. Many are there because they cannot afford the money bail bond set for them. The harms of pretrial detention are well-known, both for defendants and for the juridictions that lock them up. But what about the harms of pretrial detention for families?

Previous research has estimated the number of incarcerated parents and the number of children who have parents behind bars. It’s a bit trickier, however, to estimate how many of these families are impacted specifically by pretrial detention or, even more specifically, by unaffordable money bail. We set about to answer this question. Continue reading >>>