The Need for Support and Resources for LGBTQ Youth in Juvenile Facilities When They Reveal Their Sexual Identity
Date:  08-08-2018

Directly impacted member of the LGBTQ community discusses his struggle with his sexual identity while in a juvenile facility that offered no support
From the blog by Ja'Vaune Jackson and Aazia-Marie Ross posted by Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

Over the last couple of years, laws have been established to protect LGBTQ youth. Those laws should be upheld inside and outside any facility. It’s not a conversation that many people have, which is the reason I decided to write this. I chose to organize my thoughts in a Q&A format. My fellow Youth Council member, Aazia-Marie Ross, developed the questions.

Javaune came to me with the brilliant idea of creating a blog post about the LGBTQ community within the juvenile justice system. As colleagues, Javaune and I connected almost immediately, without knowing that our struggles, victories and achievements were similar. As we began sharing and learning more about each other, we also created ideas in hope of giving young people facing the system more resources, including this Q&A.

This Q&A is a message of hope, strength, guidance and shedding of isolation. We want other young people to know that they are not alone, that we were in similar situations and we overcame and found ourselves through it and believe in others to do the same. Sexual identity and preferences are realities for everyone and should not be ignored due to a placement — if anything, support should be enhanced for young people finding those answers. Continue reading >>>