How to Spot the Hidden Costs in a "No-Cost" Tablet Contract
Date:  07-25-2018

Tablet maker stands to make hefty profit off of phone calls, emails, music, and video games that must be paid for by incarcerated individuals given tablets
From Prison Policy Initiative:

If someone offered you a free computer, you’d rightly be suspicious that there were strings attached. So when private companies offer “free” tablets to incarcerated people, politicians are understandably skeptical, looking for hidden costs to the state.

But in their quest for an answer, politicians will often fail, as we saw in New York State earlier this year. Private company JPay signed a contract with the New York Department of Corrections to give free tablets to 52,000 incarcerated people. Facing questions from legislators, the department insisted – truthfully – that taxpayers wouldn’t pay a dime.

Legislators dropped the issue without asking the bigger question: What would motivate a company to give away 52,000 tablet computers for free? Continue reading >>>