'They're Not Monsters': The Roots of Young Girls' Violence
Date:  07-13-2018

Trauma is a major cause of maladaptive behavior in young girls
From The Crime Report:

When I was in my early teens, there were girls in the public housing project near my home who were as well known to the police as the boys who committed crimes with me. Just like us delinquent boys, these young ladies were quick to “get down” or, rather, to lash out violently.

The difference was that their target was typically a girl who was dissing them or a woman who unwittingly provoked them while they were out roaming the city. During my frequent stays in the local juvenile detention center, I saw similar girls cycle through who were adjudicated for crimes that were just as serious as those committed by the boys who were confined.

In hindsight, I can see that social workers saw me as an at-risk youth in need of intervention; juvenile justice personnel viewed me as an offender in need of confinement; and prosecutors influenced by the Super Predator theory perceived me as a budding sociopath destined for the penitentiary. Continue reading >>>