Guardian Investigation Finds Incarcerated Women are Groomed by Pimps and Forced into Sex Work Once Released
Date:  07-06-2018

Corrupt bondsmen illegally pass on information about women arrested on prostitution charges to suspected traffickers
From The Guardian:

A Guardian investigation has found that traffickers are using government websites to obtain personal information including mugshots, release dates and charge sheets to identify potential victims while they are still behind bars.

Pimps also use inmates in prisons and jails countrywide to befriend incarcerated women who, on their release, are trafficked into the $9.5bn (£7.2bn) US commercial sex industry.

The investigation also found cases of the bail bond system being used in sex trafficking operations in at least five different states. Pimps and sex buyers are locating incarcerated women awaiting a court date by using personal data such as mugshots and bail bonds posted online, or through corrupt bondsmen. Continue reading >>>