An Unsupported Population: The Treatment of Women in Texas' Criminal Justice System
Date:  04-29-2018

Second report from the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition suggests women in prison should be treated with dignity as a way to reduce recidivism
The following is from the second report on women in prison issued by the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. (The first report can be read here.)

A Snapshot of Women Incarcerated in Texas’ Justice System

Data Shows Significant Growth in Female Incarceration

Texas has one of the top 10 highest female incarceration rates in the country and the number of incarcerated women has grown significantly over time. In fact, female incarceration in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ, the state’ corrections system) has increased 908% from 1980– 2016, compared to an increase in the male population of 396%. Continue reading the report here