Jobs Are the Ultimate Criminal Justice Reform
Date:  04-12-2018

Allowing people with a criminal history to obtain occupational licenses is one of three policy changes suggested
From The Hill:

It’s tough to administer a good criminal justice system. Locking people up is one of the state’s most formidable powers: It involves political and controversial trade-offs, it’s expensive when done well, and it’s even more expensive when done poorly.

But it is in all of our interests — including fiscal responsibility, public safety and constitutional governance — to fix and improve our laws, police practices, court systems and jail, prison and re-entry programs.

There is a lot at stake. Michigan has over 3,000 crimes on its books — the most in the region — and our lawmakers continually add to them. Hundreds of police agencies and scores of courts process tens of thousands of criminal defendants every year. A massive network of prosecutors, public defenders, private attorneys, court administrators, probation and parole officers, and bail bondsmen supports the system. Continue reading >>>