Florida Federal Prison Bans Families from Sending Books, Greeting Cards and Children's Drawings to Incarcerated Loved Ones
Date:  04-10-2018

Profiteering suspected as motive for ban
From Miami News Times:

While they're locked up, inmates rely on books and letters to learn new skills and keep in contact with their loved ones and the outside world. But administrators in charge of the Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman, Florida, have suddenly banned prisoners from receiving books, greeting cards, and letters written in crayon or marker, according to internal memos first obtained by the Families Against Mandatory Minimums foundation. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida tells New Times it's researching how to fight the move.

According to the memos, Coleman warden R.C. Cheatham says the changes would take effect May 14 at the Central Florida compound. He doesn't specify why the changes are being made, but at least one reason seems to be profit-driven: Cheatham says the only way inmates will now be allowed to obtain books is by purchasing them from internal prison suppliers, which charge a 30 percent tax.

"Effective Monday, May 14, 2018, books from a publisher, book club, bookstore, or friends and family will no longer be accepted through the mail," Cheatham's memo reads. "Books will be rejected by mailroom staff and returned to sender." Continue reading >>>