Where Does Your State Rank on the List of Incarceration Rates?
Date:  01-29-2018

While America still has the highest incarceration rate in the world, some states are cutting their numbers of incarcerated people
From The Wesport Patch:

The United States locks up a greater portion of its population than nearly any other country in the world, but the total number of people imprisoned has fallen slowly from its peak in recent years. According to new data from the government's Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of people incarcerated decreased 1 percent to 1,505,400 people by the end of 2016.

While the discussion of criminal justice policy often takes place at the federal level, the vast majority of people who are locked up in the United States are incarcerated by state authorities. At the end of 2016, states had about 1,316,205 incarcerated, while the federal system had a total of 189,192.

There's significant differences in incarceration rates across states as well. Connecticut has the 16th lowest incarceration rate in the country, with a rate of 290 per 100,000 people sentenced to a year or more behind bars in 2016. That amounted to 10,365 people in state prisons. Continue reading >>>