New Jersey Passes Laws to Help Remove Obstacles from the Path of Justice-Involved Individuals
Date:  01-04-2018

New laws make it easier to find employment and to expunge records
From Our View:

A couple of years ago, after the tragic killing of teenager Nicole Angstadt in Rio Grande, municipal and Cape May County officials looked hard at how former inmates use vouchers to stay at about 30 motels in the area. The challenge of reintegrating into society those who have completed the punishment for their crimes looks most daunting when a terrible crime occurs instead.

Two former state prisoners last week pleaded guilty to crimes related to the killing, one to first-degree aggravated manslaughter with a recommended sentence of at least 25 years back in prison.

By coincidence, the next day Gov. Chris Christie signed a trio of bills into law to make it easier for ex-offenders to get past the obstacles between them and finding employment, caring for their families and living without more crime and incarceration.

One new law increases the number and kind of offenses that may be expunged — removed without a trace — from a criminal record, including possession of up to an ounce of marijuana with the intent to sell. It also lets ex-offenders seek expungement earlier, six years instead of 10 after fully completing their sentences.

Another law allows a juvenile criminal record to be erased after three years instead of five. Continue reading >>>