No Longer Home for the Holidays: Trump’s Budget Cuts Keep Mothers Behind Bars Past Release Dates
Date:  12-09-2017

The collateral consequences of the budget cuts are the children of an incarcerated parent
From Truthout:

Alicia Siller had been looking forward to Christmas, the first one she'd spend with her children in over 13 years. Siller, who had been sentenced to nearly 22 years in federal prison for drug conspiracy, received clemency from then-President Barack Obama in October 2016. She was scheduled to be transferred from prison to a halfway house in Fort Worth, Texas, on December 14, 2017, less than two weeks before Christmas. There she would spend six months, a first step in her readjustment to life on the outside after more than a decade behind bars.

Her children, who had been ages eight, seven and five when she went to prison, are now adults. They were just as excited as Siller about her return for Christmas. Her daughter arranged for time off work so that she could drive the three hours to the federal prison and pick up her mother, who she had not seen in seven years. Though Siller would not be allowed to leave the halfway house on Christmas, the family was still eagerly looking forward to being together. Her children planned to bring her a home-cooked meal and her youngest child, who she had not seen since her incarceration, had bought her a car for Christmas.

Then, in October, less than two months before her release date, Siller began hearing rumors that other women's halfway house dates were being postponed. She went to her prison case manager, who told her that, because of budget cuts, her own halfway house date was postponed: She would not be released from prison until February 2018.

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