Connecticut Bail Fund Aims to Bring People Home for the Holidays
Date:  12-07-2017

Charitable organization believes people should not be held in jail simply because they can't afford bail
From Connecticut News Junkie:

(Full disclosure: Reentry Central Managing Editor, Beatrice Codianni, is a member of the CT Bail Fund’s Advisory Board.)

NEW HAVEN, CT — Keesha De’Silva was looking at spending 120 days in jail after getting arrested for sleeping in a park hours after being evicted, but the Connecticut Bail Fund was able to get her out.

De’Silva is not unlike the dozens of other pretrial detainees the group hopes to help get home to their families this holiday season.

The Connecticut Bail Fund, which does this work all year long, has teamed up with a number of other human rights and workers rights organizations to raise $35,000 for what they’re calling the holiday bailout. The bailout was inspired by the National Black Mamas Bail Out to get black mothers out of jail in time for Mother’s Day.

Brett Davidson, one of the co-founders of the Connecticut Bail Fund, said they reached out to other organizations with a shared vision of a society free from mass incarceration, immigration enforcement, and criminalized poverty and are working on raising $35,000 to get as many people as they can out of pretrial and immigration detention.

“What they do is a Godsend because there aren’t always family members who can help,” De’Silva said.

Davidson said in De’Silva’s case it was “criminalization of homelessness.” He said the only reason she had contact with police was because she was evicted. Continue reading >>>