Prison Policy Initiative 2016-2017 Annual Report Chock Full of Information
Date:  11-20-2017

Links to several PPI reports on a wealth of criminal justice subjects included
From Prison Policy Initiative:

We just released our 2016-2017 Annual Report, and I'm thrilled to share some highlights of our work with you. Despite the new challenges posed by the White House, we had a number of big successes, including:

  • Providing the first ever big picture view of who pays for and who benefits from mass incarceration.

  • Exposing the real drivers of local jail expansion, and holding state governors and legislatures accountable for the state policy choices that have fueled jail growth.

  • Exploring why "Stop-and-Frisk" policing -- which President Trump thinks is "incredible" -- is actually incredibly discriminatory.

  • Protecting in-person visitation from the video "visitation" industry.

  • Helping state lawmakers reverse a relic from the War on Drugs that prohibits people convicted of drug offenses from driving. (Virginia partially repealed their law, and other efforts are now underway in four more states plus D.C.)

  • Making the case that governors and state legislators need to take responsibility for jail policies and jail growth in their states

    Read the full report here.