How the Grinch is Stealing Holidays From Individuals Eligible to Be Released From Prison
Date:  11-08-2017

Clemency organization president writes of the heartbreak of a loved one being kept in prison after his or her release date
From CAN-DO Foundation President Amy Povah's Huffington Post article:

Today, November 6th, Cedric Lamont Dean was scheduled to walk out of the Federal Correctional Institution at Elkton, Ohio. He has served 23-years for drug conspiracy charges. Instead, due to “alleged” budget cuts, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) cancelled Cedric’s halfway house date, destroying all the plans his mother, Betty Baker had set into action in order to welcome her only child back into the family fold. MFor Cedric, telling his mother he would not be coming home as planned, was the hardest thing he’s done since self-surrendering to authorities many years ago.

Not only had his Mom organized a family reunion to welcome Cedric back to his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, Garry McFadden offered Cedric a job on his hit television series, I Am Homicide that airs on the Investigation Discovery channel. Very few people walking out of prison have lined up such a promising future while still incarcerated. Even being passed over by President Obama’s clemency initiative, focused ironically on prisoners that fit Cedric’s profile exactly, did not deter Cedric from continuing his work, teaching GED Programs and drug counseling to fellow prisoners. Instead, Cedric selflessly hoped many of his friends would win the clemency lottery because his halfway house date was less than a year after Obama’s tenure expired as President of the United States. Nothing would stop Cedric from walking out that door on November 6th because he’d already entered into a binding agreement with the Federal Bureau of Prisons - or so he thought. Continue reading >>>