60 Minutes Segment on Shon Hopwood, "Arguably the Most Successful Jailhouse Lawyer Ever"
Date:  10-22-2017

Hopwood went from bank robber to professor at Georgetown Law School
From 60 Minutes:

"Jailhouse lawyers are prisoners who manage to learn enough about the law while incarcerated to help themselves and other inmates with legal problems. We get letters from them every week. … We are going to introduce you to Shon Hopwood, who is arguably the most successful jailhouse lawyer ever—having had one of his cases argued before the U.S. Supreme Court while serving a 12-year sentence for armed bank robbery. Since his release he's built a resume as a legal scholar, and been published in top law journals. We met him at one of the nation's premiere law schools where he's become its newest professor -- a tale of redemption as improbable as any you're likely to hear."

Watch and read the 60 Minutes segment on Hopwood here.