From a Setback to a Comeback: Formerly Incarcerated Woman Writes Self-Help Guide for Reintegrating Individuals
Date:  09-14-2017

Veronica Everette used her own experiences navigating life after prison to pen a book with strategies for succeeding post release
(Editor’s note: Reentry Central received the following press release that we’d like to share with our readers. Too often, the media only focuses on formerly incarcerated persons who commit a crime and get arrested while ignoring the rest of the approximately 700,000 people who have successfully reintegrated back into the community despite enormous obstacles placed before them.

Reentry Central believes that those who have been a part of the criminal justice system can be valuable partners with others fighting to end mass incarceration because formerly incarcerated people bring their own unique expertise to the table.

In her book, Activate Your Power For a Winning Comeback, Veronica Everette draws on her expertise as a formerly incarcerated person to help empower men and women behind bars by sharing her wisdom and providing strategies to keep them from recidivating. And, while designed for those currently incarcerated, Ms Everette believes it’s never too late to start over and sees this book as a powerful tool for pre-lease corrections counselors, reentry programs, and formerly incarcerated individuals.)

For Immediate Release:

We know that individuals caught up in the penal system frequently face unrelenting situations when released from prison. Barriers such as finding self-supporting employment and decent housing, along with some qualifying to receive food stamps for a period of time due to their crime, set them up to continuing a form of imprisonment, even after leaving prison. Because of these pre-set barriers, it is crucial that those who have been incarcerated or who are awaiting release from prison put into motion actions that can help them as they rebuild their lives.

Veronica Everette (a.k.a. Miss Veronica) has recently released her book “Activate Your Power For A Winning Comeback,,” to address the self-motivating components that are often missed. Paired with actionable items, this self-help guide reviews practical concepts that can indeed turn that setback into a winning comeback.

As a formerly incarcerated grandmother, Miss Veronica knows first-hand the challenges that formerly incarcerated individuals face. Over the past 12 years since her release from prison, she has been and still uses the concepts that she shares in her book. As a result, Miss Veronica has achieved many of her goals and aspirations. One of her main objectives for this book is to stop recidivism and to help others turn their dreams into reality.

An enhancement to any reentry organization’s existing program, this book can be used as a tool to document the progress of individuals committed to making a change. Readers are able to break down each concept and apply it as it corresponds to key concepts found in each program. Miss Veronica offers individual as well as bulk book sales. Please visit her website to get details or email:

About the Author

Miss Veronica, a devoted grandmother, resides in a small town in southern Virginia where she enjoys taking morning walks with her dog Isaiah. Miss Veronica has gained a kinship with the elderly and frequently visits residents in the local nursing homes. For the past four years, she has sponsored the “We Just Love Our Seniors” campaign. Its purpose is to provide nursing home residents of need with toiletries and other necessities that will make their lives a bit more comfortable. Always believing that everyone deserves a second chance, Miss Veronica still spends time mentoring formerly incarcerated individuals as they move forward to improve their lives.