Thousands of People in Florida Prisons and Jails Left in Evacuation Zones
Date:  09-11-2017

In Miami a federal prison, local jail and two state prisons are all located in a storm surge area
From Vice Magazine:

As Florida state and local officials urge South Florida residents to evacuate before Hurricane Irma makes landfall there Sunday morning, nearly 4,500 inmates inside facilities in evacuation zones have not been moved.

The Florida Department of Corrections evacuated dozens of prisons on Thursday and Friday, but federal, state and local officials have left inmates at facilities in the Miami-Dade county’s most vulnerable areas.

I’ve been getting some calls from inmates, but none of them have been told anything,” said an attorney with Miami-Dade’s public defender office who requested anonymity for fear of being reprimanded for speaking to the media. “Family members of the clients are in the dark.”

Miami’s federal prison, one county jail, and two state prisons are all located in Zone B of Miami’s storm surge planning map. The largest facility is the federal prison in downtown Miami with 1,316 inmates. The county jail near Marlins Park has 1,064 inmates. The two state facilities located near Homestead have nearly 2,000 inmates combined, Continue reading >>>